Hi! We are Jesse & Amy. Welcome to Ugly Finish! We have a love, hate relationship with running. Jesse loves to run. Amy hates to run. But, we both appreciate the positive effects running has on our health & lives. So, we #RunAnyway. Ugly Finish is a place where we can share our running trials and triumphs in all their hilarity. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Why Ugly Finish?

Let’s keep it real!  We all know running isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  It’s mostly sweat, tears and snot.  Run anyway!  I’m hear to tell you…


Ugly Finish exists to provide us with the training techniques and encouragement that inspire us to KEEP GOING.  No one will tell you distance training is easy, but they will tell you it’s worth it.  So, hang in there until the finish and experience how good your payoff feels.  Founders of UglyFinish, Jesse and Amy enjoy running, travel, and a good craft beer.  They are passionate about sharing their experiences with others and encouraging people to take an active role in their life and health through running.

Meet Amy & Jesse

WP_20141127_021 (2)Amy Powell:  I run to believe.  Running has calmed the nagging doubts and fears that fill my head on a regular basis.  Training through obstacles has proven that a little bit of dedication every day really does add up to something much bigger.  Instead of backing away from challenges I am empowered to push through them one step at a time.
Favorite Race:  Detroit International Marathon
Favorite Craft Beer:  Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter

Jesse Powell:  I started running to stay fit and sane. Running helps me clear my head.  I stayed running to spend more time with my wife.  I keep running to continue to spend time with my wife and to have fun… sounds funny, but running is now fun!
Favorite Race:  Dances With Dirt 50K
Favorite Craft Beer:  Short’s Spacerock

The Ugly Finish Team

We use a team approach to bring you tips and advice. You’ll see articles by Amy and Jesse and lots more amazing tips from running enthusiasts and health & fitness professionals.  If you see a tip you like, you can click on the name linked beneath each guest article to learn more about the author. If you have tips and information you would like to share, visit our “write for us” page for more information about getting involved and contributing to our site!

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