Week One Training Recap North Country Trail Run Half Marathon

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We’re off to a good start! The week was filled with fun runs, reunited sole sisters, and blissful hope for a pain-free training program. I’m trying to be careful not to attack this schedule with an aggressive plan that will dwindle me down to a shell of a person who hates everything, especially running. Trust me, this can happen. However, I really want to focus on gaining strength and agility during the next few months leading up to the race in August.

Training Schedule vs. Reality

If you’re interested in catching an aerial view of my training plan as a whole, go ahead and click this link. These weekly summary posts will only focus on a week at a time, and hopefully hold me accountable to my plan, maybe even provide you with some inspiration. We’re training as a group and have a virtual support network and hub where we share tips, motivation, training techniques and plan group runs. If you’d like to participate and share your training journey, please consider joining our Run Anyway Facebook Group. All runners are welcome!

So, back to the task at hand… Here is my recap for week one: June 5-11,2017.

My Week One schedule looked like this:
Monday: 3 Miles & Deep Core Workout
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 3 Miles & Deep Core Workout
Thursday: 3 Miles & Deep Core Workout
Friday: 30 Minutes Strength Training
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 4 Miles & Deep Core Workout
My Week One ACTIONS played out like this:
6/5/17: 3M, 33:38, 11:12 min/mi & DCW
6/6/17: Rest Day
6/7/17: 4.28M, 1:01:44, 14:24 min/mi & DCW
6/8/17: 3M, 34:08, 11:23 min/mi & DCW
6/9/17: Skipped
6/10/17: Rest Day
6/11/17: 4M, 49:42, 12:25 min/mi

As you can see, it was a pretty good week. I missed my strength training workout on Friday, which I feel really bad about since this is the aspect of training I want to focus on the most. Next week’s summary won’t include the same admission, guaranteed. I also missed a deep core workout, which is another aspect of training that is really important to me. My goal is to complete 4 of these every week. It’s not so important that it falls on a run day, but those seem to be the best days for me to fit them in.

Monday, 6/5/17

Monday started out with an evening run along Hines Drive and the Trail around Newburgh Lake. This is one of my favorite running spots. The weather was warm, but mild and not at all humid. What made this run especially enjoyable was our group of running friends who were reunited after a month or so of down time. We had a really nice run and kicked off our training plan on an excellent foot!

Wednesday 6/7/17

Wednesday was Global Running Day! We celebrated by joining a Road Rally Run at Gazelle Sports in Northville. Our total distance was a little longer than what was on the schedule, but you do what you gotta do when there’s a competition at hand. I’m actually not really sure how I felt about the Scavenger Hunt Run. Points were earned and calculated based on a number of different factors, which leveled the playing field for those of us with a slower pace. However… I was still mostly chasing after the faster members of our group, panting and swearing off the scavenger run forever. I mean, it was a fun time. I would have liked to be on a team with people whose pace is similar to mine. I was the anchor, but the brains… they needed me. =)

Thursday 6/8/17

Thank goodness for accountability partners! I’m learning that I prefer evening runs, especially with Jenni. These evening runs that take place later in the week is when everything spills over and the truth hits the pavement. Every step is a cleansing moment when we dislodge one irking feeling or another that’s causing us stress, then we will it away. Thank goodness for accountability partners!

Friday 6/9/17

I didn’t plan to skip my 30 minutes of strength training. I just kept promising myself I’d do it later until there wasn’t any later left. Next week I have to do better.

Sunday 6/11/17

Normally we are planning to designate Sundays as our trail run, long run. Since this week’s long run was only 4 miles we decided not to drive the 30 minutes and stay a little closer to home, even though it meant a less technical course. These early morning runs are similar to the half we’ll be running in August. I realized my preference for evening runs on this early 7AM 4 miler. I could have easily talked myself into running 3 miles since we had already put in 4 on Thursday. Again, thank goodness for accountability partners!

I’m looking forward to my second week of training. I can definitely feel some fatigue start to set in, so I’m being faithful to rest on my rest days, eat sensibly, and drink enough water. Next week is forecasting some 90 degree days and I’m ready to tackle that challenge.

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Happy Trails!

What are you training for and how’s it going? Share with us in the comments!

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