Global Running Day Giveaway with Nathan Sports Inc

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The Giveaway

This giveaway has ended, but please be sure to check out the items in our NATHAN product review. We are a big believer in NATHAN products and have been purchasing their gear for a number of years. NATHAN understands runner’s needs and their products reflect their commitment to the community.

The Partnership

One of the best things about partnering with NATHAN is that we’re already using and loving a number of their products. The Speedshot Plus water bottle is a favorite accessory we all race to grab first prior to every family run. So, thank you, Nathan for relieving that battle by sending us a second one to use and review =)  NATHAN is a company after my own heart. “NATHAN believes if you run, then you’re a runner. No matter where or why, how far or how fast, NATHAN creates the essentials for you to run your best.” This is the premise of Ugly Finish. We run for our own reason at our own pace and feel the victory our dedication provides. We celebrate our abilities differently every single day and encourage each other to keep going when it’s difficult.

The Products

Without further adieu, let me introduce you to the products NATHAN provided us and will send to a lucky winner in our community. While we did receive these products for free, the opinions in this review are our own.

NATHAN giveaway

uCool Ultra Cooling Towel – There’s nothing better after a hot run than cooling off with this ultra cooling towel. We’ve used these in the past during football season and on hot training runs. They work. They feel good. And they get rid of that chalky salt layer on your skin after a long run.

Hipster – I was just saying a few weeks ago at the Gazelle Girl half marathon that I wanted to find a belt to carry items when I don’t feel like wearing my bulky water belt. This is perfect! There is no slipping or sliding, even while wearing lightweight wicking fabrics. It fits comfortably over your waistband so you can hardly feel it’s there. My phone felt secure in the pockets and I wasn’t worried about it falling out one time.

SpeedShot Plus Insulated –  As I mentioned earlier, this water bottle is a household favorite. However, the valve on the newer model we received is slightly different and more bulky than the one we previously purchased. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is less comfortable to use. My favorite feature about this water bottle is the grip-free handle that your hand slides into. It’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Power Wash – The NATHAN Power Wash is Eco-friendly, pH neutral and fragrance free. We haven’t had a chance to test this yet because we are waiting a few days for our clothes to get extra smelly. =) An update will be available before Wednesday in a Facebook Live video on our Facebook page. Be sure to come LIKE OUR PAGE so you can check out the smell test we have in store for you!

We would like to thank NATHAN for partnering with us on this giveaway. Running has become a way of life that we enjoy as a family. Jesse, Owen, and I are all running the North Country Trail Half-Marathon on August 27th. Our training schedule begins this week and we’re feeling extra motivated to get started. I hope you all head out for a run and have some fun on Global Running Day! If you’re local, we’re heading to Gazelle Northville to check out their scavenger hunt run. Come join us!

Congratulations to Our Winner!

Congratulations to our fellow MI runner and friend Megan Warzecha! I hope you enjoy your new prizes from NATHAN! Megan blogs over at Be sure to check out her articles, she is an excellent runner and very inspiring.

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