Lululemon Run, Yoga, Party Triathlon Recap

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The running community is such a generous and supportive group of people that it can be difficult to find a negative running event. (Unless you run out of water at the finish line, that’s no good.) Every so often we come across an organization that goes above and beyond the regular checklist of items that accompany a successful event. I was pleasantly surprised and instantly loved the community at 90° North Power Yoga in Milford, MI. They, along with our local Lululemon and River’s Edge Brewery, invited over 100 runners out to their storefront for a 3 mile run, followed by an hour of yoga, and a dance party sponsored by the Brewery. It was easily my favorite combination ever.

I’ve been meaning to write this recap for quite some time and even though this event was over a month ago, I still have so many good feelings about it. There was some talk of more events like it in the future that day, so I’m waiting in anticipation for the announcement of another. It’s not to be missed! (If you want to stay up to date on local events, be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter by entering your email address in the green form in the sidebar ———>)

A Touch of Spring in January

Mother nature came through for us that day and gave us a mild, 50-something degree day in January, in Michigan. If you live in Michigan you know that this is a rare occurrence and is practically unheard of. The warmer temps and sunshine were already beckoning us outdoors. At this point, the promise of a group run, yoga class, and local craft beer were purely added bonuses. It was a perfect day for a run. But first, beer.

The 5K Run

The course took us down the street from the Brewery to a path through a quiet, beautiful park around the lake, then dumped us back into downtown Milford where we ran past the quaint storefronts and restaurants. It was a casual event without an official start or finish line and no timing chips. We were just a group of people out moving our bodies. The course wasn’t marked, but the directions they gave us at the beginning of the run were easy to follow and we appreciated the change in scenery as we ran the 3 mile loop.

We crossed a bridge where we had portaged our canoe on a trip the previous year with our family. It brought back fond memories and it was fun to see the scenery from the land perspective.

As we rounded the corner into downtown Milford there were a few supporters there to cheer us on and encourage us in the final stretch of our 5K run. Since the weather was so beautiful the downtown area was bustling with people, which was a welcomed change from the solitude of the cold, winter months. Back at the Yoga Studio they had bottled water waiting for us and a giant room full of yoga mats for the next portion of our run, yoga, party triathlon.

The Yoga Session

We sat comfortably on our mats as we watched the room fill with people returning from their run. Jesse and I are not yogis, so we were a little nervous for this portion of the event, as well as excited to try something new. I have been to a few yoga classes, but downward facing dog is about the extent of my yoga knowledge. I had this preconceived notion that this was going to be a restorative stretching session that nicely complimented our run. But, it was more the other way around. Our 3 mile run was a great warm-up for an intense hour of yoga poses.

It was challenging and amazing at the same time. Yoga is a wonderful cross-training exercise to include in your training plan. It stretches and strengthens many of the muscles that we use to support our run, including our core, hips, and hamstrings. It was quickly clear that this combination of running and yoga did wonders for my body.

The Party

After we rolled up our mats, the Brewery rolled out a portable bar and a couple kegs to celebrate our accomplishments. They fired up the music and we all mingled and shared our favorite running and yoga experiences. It was a fabulous time and a great opportunity to meet other runners and yogis.

Laura from 90° North Power Yoga let us check out her main studio and shared a little bit about her company with us. They offer many opportunities to be involved in community as well as give back. Every Sunday at 11 AM they offer a Community Yoga class at River’s Edge Brewery. Students of all levels attend and the cost is a suggested donation of $10.00. All proceeds from this class go to various charities chosen by the yoga studio, like The Empowerment Plan Detroit. I was able to attend one of their community classes and I really enjoyed it. Everyone was supportive and encouraging to me, being quite new at this. I was very comfortable there and highly recommend it if you want to try a yoga class and are nervous about it.

Milford is about a half-hour drive from my home, so I haven’t made it to as many classes as I would like. You better believe I have my eyes peeled, though for any future events that they host. If you catch wind of one, be sure to register right away since there is usually a limit on the number of mats they can fit in their space.

Do you attend running events? What was your favorite event and why? Share with us in the comments, we’d love to check it out!

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