Valentines Day Gift Ideas Your Runner Will Love

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There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For many runners, it could be donning your favorite pair of undies and heading out half naked in below freezing temperatures to run a 5K with a few thousand other naked people. Or it could be heading out for a sweetheart run with someone special to you. Or maybe you designate Valentine’s Day a rest day to spend cuddling with your special valentine. Whatever your means of celebration, we got you covered on gift ideas for the runner in your life.

The products shared in this article are items that we use personally and recommend. We’ve purchased all of these ourselves and use them on a regular basis in our running routine. We’ll be posting reviews throughout the week on the products listed here, so stay tuned to the blog and our social media outlets to learn more about our favorite running accessories.

The Best Valentine Gifts for Runners


In keeping with the tradition of giving sweet treats for Valentine’s Day, your runner will love Stingers organic energy gels or chews. These are a life saver on a long run, providing the extra nutrition needed to fuel your body through those long miles.

Stingers are Jesse’s favorite energy gel. Often times he’ll experience indigestion after eating a gel, but the Stinger brand doesn’t affect him in this way. There are tons of different flavors to choose from, his favorite being this Acai Pomegranate.

I love the Stinger Chews. I will usually suck on them for a while during a long run. It’s a great distraction sometimes and gives me the extra boost to keep going.

Shop Stingers


Running socks are an important part of a runner’s wardrobe. Seeing as we use our feet for 100% of our run it is necessary that we protect them. Socks serve a number of different purposes that include keeping your feet dry, providing support, and preventing blisters.

Feetures are my favorite sock brand. They’re breathable, supportive, and my feet remain blister free (for the most part).

Between Jesse, Owen, and myself we all prefer a different style of sock. Feetures offers a wide range to choose from, no-show, quarter, and crew. I prefer the no-show socks and love all the fun colors they have available. Feetures don’t slip or slide down your heal when you run.

Shop Feetures

Road ID

Safety is a key component to your training plan. When Jesse was training for his Ultra Marathon, I insisted he buy and wear a Road ID. He would head out by himself to run for hours at a time. Jesse’s Road ID contains emergency information on a comfortable bracelet he wears while he runs. Allergy and other medical information can also be listed.

Road ID provides running families peace of mind. I am always comforted knowing that Jesse will receive the appropriate care in any emergency that may arise and that I will be notified if he is not able to notify me himself. As the saying goes, expect the best but prepare for the worst.


Go Buy a Road ID

Roller for Fast Muscle Recovery

Rest and recovery are a runner’s best friend. Anything to aid in the process of healing and strengthening your muscles is a great gift choice. We always carry a foam roller or massage stick with us wherever we go. It can be a challenge to pack something too bulky, but these travel size sticks and rollers fit more easily into our luggage (or trunk of our car).

It could also be a romantic Valentine’s Day gesture to help massage out your runner’s sore muscles with a few candles and a couple craft beers by the bedside.


Shop Muscle Rollers

GPS Running Watch

We’ve tried a few different brands of GPS Running watches and Garmin is our favorite for a number of reasons. I am still running with an older model that I’ve used for about 5 years, but am in the market for a new watch. Jesse runs with the Garmin Forerunner 235. It’s design is comfortable and easy to read and navigate while running. These are Jesse’s favorite features:

  • Includes a heart rate monitor
  • Easy to navigate
  • Connects quickly to GPS
  • The Garmin app is simple, yet detailed.
  • Offers a wide variety of additional apps available from readability settings to navigation tools


Shop Garmin

HokaOneOne Running Shoes

Bondi-5: You will feel like you’re running on a cloud wearing the HokaOneOne Bondi 5. Ideal for running on road or concrete surfaces, the Bondi-5 is the ideal shoe for cushion and comfort.

Clifton-3: Another well-coushined road shoe that is light enough for speed work and comfortable enough for a long run. The Clifton-3 is the shoe for you when coushioning and light-weight are your top priority.

We’ve been running in HokaOneOnes for aabout a month now and so far we are both  happy with them. The coushion feels so amazing without being bulky or heavy.  They are very comfortable road shoes.

Shop HokaOneOne


What’s on your running wish list this Valentine’s Day? Share it with us in the comments!

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