Race Recap – The Color Run Night

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Chicken number 2 has been asking to run a Color Run for a couple years now. We’ve honestly been a bit reluctant to hop in The Color Run conga line. I admit we were being total race snobs. I mean, why would you run a race that isn’t timed? Right? All the cards had to fall exactly into place in order for us to sign up for this race. This year, they did. The Color Run Night came to Detroit. If there’s anything that will draw us to a race, it’s a trip to the D. It was scheduled for a Friday night, on October 30th. Pairing it with the Halloween weekend was good timing and a fun addition to our celebrations.

Jesse and I feel very fortunate that we are able to run as a family and we all enjoy the sport. The chickens have been riding their bikes or running alongside us since we started running. It has been a family journey from the first step. The Color Run has been on our family list for a while, so it was about time we made it happen.


I was the luckiest girl in the world. It’s not very often that every dude, from little to big, in my family will let me dress them however I want. Usually it has to be some sort of holiday, or formal family portrait, or even a bribe before they agree to let me choose their outfit… let alone MATCH! The matching makes me so happy.


The start line was filled with black lights, disco balls, and loud music. The truck led the race leaders through the course, as the small amount of light in this picture did not last very long. Chicken number 1 took the lead, ran back to tell me he was going to try to win this thing, then ran back to the front. He came in second. He impresses me every time he runs. The course was flat and fun with lots of messy stations where we got  blasted with glow-in-the-dark powder.




Once finished, we met back at the main stage where the big mess happens. Loud music, free glow swag, and lots of messy powder made the post-race celebration a night to remember. It was slow when we first got  back because we started in the first wave. By the time we had had enough of the party, this place was packed.


Chicken number 2 never had enough of the party. We are in trouble.

I would run this race as a family over and over again. We had a great time. The weather was perfect, cool and dry. The powdered color wiped right off – I hear during the warmer months, the powder mixed with sweat creates a sticky paste (think Ross and the leather pants). So, we’ll probably stick to the fall months if we decide to run it again. I would recommend it, especially as a family event. We all had a great time!

What is your favorite family run?

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