Running Sucks – Why You Should Start Running

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It’s easy for us to look at someone who has been running for a long time and think that running comes easy for them. Many of us might go so far to think, “I could never do that.” And this is probably true… today. It was also probably true for the person you’re comparing yourself to when they first started running.

Running Sucks…

This is me running the Brooksie Way half marathon. Running was really sucking here.

This is me running the Brooksie Way half marathon. Running was really sucking here.

When you get a group of runners together, the high energy that accompanies the conversation leaves most people with the impression that runners actually enjoy running.  This is not true.  Running hurts!  Your legs ache, your lungs burn, blisters cover your toes, and eventually one of your toenails will fall off.  You’ll hear comments like, “toenails are for sissies” to help justify the situation.  This is also not true.  Running sucks.

Why You Should Start Running…

The truth is… every runner started on their running journey for a reason, a different reason.  This reason compels every runner to fight through various obstacles each time they suit up and head out for a run.  They run anyway.  Even when they don’t want to, even when it hurts.  After a while, every runner begins to receive unexpected benefits from their dedication to running.  These benefits start to carry over into many other areas of life.  Pretty soon, your reason to run… turns into your need to run.  Running becomes a way of life.

What Running Has Done for Me…

My running journey started with an invite to join a Mom’s running club at my church. I was lucky enough to have a great group of friends who were encouraging and flexible. The purpose of the group was just to get out and active. We all showed up right where we were at, which for me meant the beginning. I was a smoker at the time. If anyone could come up with an excuse not to do this, I could. I was done making excuses. I needed this. This once-a-week group turned into years of runs, races, family weekends, and some great running vacations. While all that is lots of fun, the most impactful rewards from running are the lasting benefits; an encouraging support network that I love, improved self-confidence & willingness to try new things, courage to persevere in the face of disappointment or adversity. Running has changed every aspect of my life for the better.

What has running done for you?

Help encourage a new runner by sharing your benefits from running in the comments!

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