It’s All In Good Running Form

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There is more to running than throwing on a pair of shoes and setting off down the street with your mp3 player set to the theme from Rocky.  All too often people find themselves discouraged because of the discomfort they experience on a run. Learn a few tips on good running form that will elevate your training to another level.

Relax Your Shoulders

Relax your shoulders when you run and keep the arms at less than 90 degrees and do not bring them across the chest. This will improve your running efficiency, times and your stride will improve and become more symmetrical. You will also note your heart rate drops.

Why this works – many runners will tighten their shoulders and bring their arms across their body as they run which is inefficient and actually is like hitting the brakes on your car as you drive shortening your stride, and making you work harder. You will have fewer stitches and improve your running times by transferring force from the ground through the upper body with less energy loss.

William D Charschan DC,CCSP, Author


The Proper Form

Following is an excellent video from that will help you make the most of your training experience. Using the proper running form will give you a more comfortable stride, improve your recovery time, and help avoid injuries.

4 Points of Good Form Running with Grant Robison from Good Form on Vimeo.

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