Don’t Dump Your Run When the Snow Dumps on You

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Pixmac000081180345January is upon us and the cold temperatures are biting at every inch of our bodies!  Just because it has gotten a little frigid, doesn’t mean all running has to be done indoors.  Safety is a big concern when running in colder temperatures.

Training doesn’t stop when cold weather hits, so here are some cold weather running tips you can use to stay safe and warm while maintaining your running routine through the winter months.


Running on Thin Ice

Although winter can create roadblocks for many peoples activities, it actually can offer some wonderful natural opportunities for working out. Running in particular , as it usually requires some length in duration, needs to have the appropriate measures taken before doing so.

  • Dressing in layers with cotton, wool or any other breathable material is highly preferred as it will keep the moisture AWAY from the body.
  • Hats should be worn to seal in the body’s natural insulation.
  • Sunscreen and moisturizers also create a barrier between the skin and the elements.
  • Rehydrate the same way you would during the warmer months. A common and costly misconception is that because you don’t sweat as much your rate of fluid intake can be reduced.
  • Stretching and warming up is even more crucial as the colder climate will encourage more muscle shortening, and restriction leaving the muscles more vulnerable to insult or injury.

Laurie Towers, CEO, Physical Advantage PC, The Bridal Body Shop

Protect Your Skin

Dress in layers – If you start out comfortable you’ll be wanting to remove some garments once you’ve been running for a few minutes. If you don’t like carrying items with you on your runs, then the best thing to do is to start out feeling a bit cold. You’ll warm up within the first half mile to mile of your run.

Apply Vaseline to exposed skin – This will help to keep skin moist & acts as an insulator to slow down (not prevent) the onset of frostbite.

Jim Kuhns, Runner Extraordinaire 

Keep Your Hands Warm

I recently ran a 5k when the temperature with the wind chill factor was in the teens. I layered all of my clothing and socks. I wore running gloves that were given to me as a gift, however at one point during the race my hands were numb and I felt intense pain. Luckily my endorphins were released and the pain and numbness were diminished to zero. I do recommend wearing warm gloves or layering thin gloves when running in frigid temperatures.  You can remove them when your hands are feeling warmer and better circulated.

Joanie Jacobsen, Healthy & Fit Advocate, Baby Boomer Way

What is your favorite piece of cold-weather-running gear?

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