The Gluten Free Running Thing

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GF Egg MuffinsWe hear a lot of hype these days about the benefits of eating gluten free.  Some live by this style of eating religiously, while others think it’s just a silly trend.  Furthermore, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we know there are plenty of people out there who have adopted a gluten free diet without even knowing what gluten is.

So, what is gluten?…  gluten is the combination of two proteins found in wheat that gives dough its elasticity.  And it effects everyone differently. We try really, really hard to cheat gluten free. But, It’s really, really hard.


Our Gluten Free Story

When our youngest son was about three years old we began noticing various reactions to something in his body.  He suffered from eczema on his skin, was constantly congested, and had various bowl issues.  We spent a lot of time at the pediatrician, who spent a lot of time prescribing us things like steroid creams and cold medications.  These medications would work for a while, but his symptoms would return.  Unhappy with the progress we were seeing at the pediatrician, we took the recommendation of a friend and went to her chiropractor.  There our son was diagnosed as gluten intolerant.  His body couldn’t break down the proteins in wheat, which left his body unable to function properly.  (I will leave out these rather disgusting details.)  We began feeding him a gluten free diet and within a month or two his symptoms were gone. Since his diagnosis we have decided to remove gluten from our diet as a family. Some weeks we do well. Other weeks are a total flop. While we are not all as sensitive to it as our youngest son, we have all experience one benefit or another by removing gluten from our diet.  My favorite benefit is only having to cook one meal every night!

Why Write About It?

Eating a gluten free diet is a challenge.  Some days a $5 pizza will appear on our dinner table #epicfail. Sports schedules and chauffeur duties will often sabotage every good intention. Eating clean or gluten free is a big commitment. Preparation is KEY.  This is a great place to share prep ideas, recipes, challenges, and solutions.  Feel free to use the comment sections to add your input!  Or if you have a favorite recipe, email it to us and we’ll share it on Ugly Finish.  If you have a website we are happy to credit you with a link! We feel good about our decision to eat a more natural diet by limiting, or even eliminating, processed foods.  It isn’t always easy.  And we aren’t perfect at it.  But, we continue to try to replace easy, processed snacks and meals, with healthy, natural choices.

Join us!  You can check out the recipe for the egg muffins on our Facebook page!

Do you eat a gluten free diet?  What is your biggest challenge?  What is your biggest benefit?  Please share in the comments!

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