You Run? I Could Never Do That!

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Running on treadmillWelcome to a common conversation with non-runners.  As soon as someone learns the running-thing about me they’ll usually start asking questions…  probing questions…  questions that imply maybe they think they could run too.  But, inevitably the conversation ends with someone saying…  “I could never do that.”

And you’re right… you can’t.

If reading that put a pit in your stomach, or ground on your nerves a bit, then maybe it’s time to give a run a go.  Honestly, it wasn’t that long ago that I was talking to my running-friends and having those same thoughts.  And I couldn’t “do that” at that time either.  The good news is, you don’t have to run 3 miles right off the bat to be a runner.  In fact, most people “could never do that.”  Fitness and running is most effective when we treat ourselves with kindness and ease our way into a consistent routine.  Small steps over time add up to big results.  Give yourself permission to take your time and develop running habits before you think about developing long distances or pace.

Try using these tips to make your running goals manageable and successful.

Work Towards Elapsed Time, Not Distance

Start your training by setting time intervals.  Run for one minute, walk for one minute.  Do this for a week or so, then up your run time.  Run for two minutes, walk for one minute.  Before you know it you’ll be running a mile at a time.

Set Measureable Goals

Commit to running a certain number of days each week and improving on your elapsed time little by little.  Increase your time each week with the goal of running 5 minutes straight by the end of your first month.  You may find that once you have a couple runs under your belt that time increases more quickly.  There are many great (and some even free!) resources available to help you with goal setting and scheduling, like the Couch to 5K program.

Celebrate Small Victories

You ran 3 days a week for four weeks and are running 5 minutes straight.  That’s an accomplishment!  Celebrate these small victories by treating yourself…  buy some new athletic wear, running socks, hydration system, whatever motivates you.  Feel good about being consistent and sticking with your plan. Rewarding yourself for consistency is a great way to confirm to yourself that running is about the journey, a new way of life, not a destination that will come to an end.

Find a Run Buddy

Showing up is ten times easier when you have someone else counting on you to be there.  The hardest step you’ll take is that first one out the door.  Train with a partner to push and encourage each other to keep going.

With the New Year upon us we all have high hopes of sticking to our resolutions and creating good running habits.  These tips will help you continue your training well past the month of January and into the New Year! Need some encouragement?  Join us on Facebook to receive doses of motivation and encouragement.  You got this!  You CAN TOTALLY “do that”!

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