Create 5 Big Girl Pantie Habits in 2015

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A Goal (1)Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, runners!  The last day of the year, and more importantly the last day of the indulgent month of December, when we put all our bad choices behind us and start out new.  Trust me when I tell you that my poor choices far outnumbered the good this past month.  So much so, that the simple act of mentally listing the habits I need to cultivate these coming weeks fills me with enough dread to push me under the covers into the fetal position where 2015 can drop in unnoticed.

As tempting as that sounds…  and it does…  I realize that doing so will only continue to nurture the issues (like back pain, stiff joints, and a cough that won’t leave) I’ve brought on myself by making poor choices in the first place.  So, what’s a girl who needs to snap out of it to do?

…she needs to make a plan.

…and stick to it.

Please be patient with me as I type out this plan.  Every word of it sends an agonizing pang of self pity through me because, quite honestly, I DON’T WANT TO!  (in my most pathetic whiny voice)

5 Big Girl Pantie Habits to Cultivate Your Run in 2015

1.  Define Your Success

What do you want in 2015?  Whether it’s running a new distance, setting a PR, or just getting back to a consistent and pain free running routine, define it.  But, don’t stop there.  Write it down. Memorize it.  Create a mantra.  Stick it to your mirror.  Remind yourself of it often.

My Mantra:  Run Anyway.  This is always my mantra.  It’s important for me to remember that I don’t have to feel like running to go run.  In fact, the best time to run is when I don’t want to.

2.  Make Small Changes

The most important lesson to date that running has taught me is that many small changes over time add up to big results.  Don’t take on all your goals at once.  Pick one or two things per month to work on and keep your focus there.  By the end of each month you will have created two new habits.  By the end of 2015 you’ll have created 24 new, healthy habits.

My Action Steps:  Get out of bed at 6:00 am and do at least 3 P90X videos / week.

3.  Do Something Every Day

Commit to doing something every day.  Even if you can only squeeze in one mile or one 20 minute workout video, make it happen.  Every run or workout doesn’t have to be an intense hour-long session to be beneficial.  My plan is to choose something to fall back on so when I’m faced with days when “I can’t”, I really can.

My Fall-back:  Run one mile.

4.  Hold Yourself Accountable

I don’t do things just because I should.  No way.  I have to put myself in a position where I think I HAVE to accomplish something, which usually means bribing myself.  I pick something I want, set my action goal (like, run a minimum of 3 days a week for a month, type of goal), do it anyway (because I never want to), then reward myself.  Find what motivates you…  join a group, tell a friend, bribe yourself – whatever it takes!

My Bribe:  Dinner out with Jesse, just the two of us.

5.  Treat Every New Day Like a New Year

This is probably the most important habit and gift you can give yourself.  We all mess it up.  Messing it up is part of the growth process.  So, if you define your success, choose your action steps, then do nothing on the very first day – who cares!  Do it the second day.  But, do it.  You don’t need a new decade, a new year, or a new month.  All you need is a new day.  Make every day a chance to start new.

What is your mantra for 2015?  What do you want to accomplish?  Share your goals in the comments below so we can help motivate each other and be kept accountable!  You can also receive motivation tips right to your newsfeed by following UglyFinish on Facebook!

Have a Happy New Day!

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