Peace On Earth… and Mind

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Pixmac000066242311Life gets so hectic sometimes.  As we run about, completing errands, playing chauffeur, cook, laundromat, housekeeper, employee, and this time of year – Santa, it is easy to become worn down and out of balance.  Often times we are tempted to push our own needs to the side. Soon stress can overwhelm us.

Rest and recovery are very important aspects of our training and our life. Meditation is a practice you can perform anywhere, anytime.  All you need is a few deep breaths.  Using this time to connect with yourself is a gift of restoration.  Learn the relaxing techniques of meditation to  bring a bit of peace to your chaotic schedule and mind.

Core Centering for a Peaceful Mind

  • Close your eyes and smile with deep, humble, yet confident inner knowing. Let any thoughts that come in float by unheeded.
  • Draw into your core deep cleansing breaths. Exhale deeply and Lightly. Visualize soft radiant Light going in and coming out of your core being with your natural breath. Breathe in this way until you feel a palpable inner shift. A relaxed mind is a core centered mind. This is the space for healing.
  • Remain in a gently aware space. With your eyes closed and with slow, gentle breathing, allow your body to sway and move in ways that feel natural. Your eyes may drift upward, downward or travel deeply inward. Trust what occurs as perfect.
  • Ask Light to flow into your mind. Fill your core essence with radiant golden light. See this warm light expanding and filling your body and expanding beyond your physical body. (Our soul essence is significantly larger than our body. It extends to infinity. Simply trust this without effort.)
  • When thoughts arise, allow them to flow by like passing clouds. Know that any thoughts in your mind have no substance. If this feels uncomfortable, remind your heart that any thoughts you need will return in the perfect moment. For pesky thoughts, keep a pad and pen handy to write down thoughts that feel afraid to dissolve and remind yourself you can return to these thoughts when you are complete. Return to peace (return to the beginning of this practice if needed). Be sure not to judge your core centering experiences and the time it takes to return to your core. Only Now is important.
  • As feelings or sensations arise, do not fight them. Allow feelings and sensations to flow through for however long it takes without feeding them your energy. Breathe. Allow them to flow and spiral up through your crown into the light. It is when we deny our energetic experience that energy becomes blocked and our core seems harder to access. Blocked frequency is the cause of any lack of ease in the body. Give all thoughts and feelings to the light. Trust the process and the flow of Light.
  • Remember to breathe gently and allow deep energetic sensations or exhalations to be released when they arise. Pay no focused heart-mind attention to anything but still, core-centered peace.
  • Remain in your core for as long as your are prompted. Know that you can return to peace in any moment, anywhere.

Laura Bedford, Inner Peace Teacher for Youth & Author of The Mix Up, Radiant Kids

What is your favorite way to unwind and cleanse the stress of everyday life from your system?

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