How Time Management will Free You from Excuses

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pace-trainingTime management is often one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when beginning or maintaining a running or exercise routine. I have found myself using the lack of free time as an excuse to put off a run on more than one occasion. Time is precious to all of us. But, so is living a healthy lifestyle.  The month of December proves to be a challenge for me every year.  Between shopping, get-together, and your general merriment, making time to exercise is often my last priority.

Making the difficult decision to train instead of relax with a morning cup of coffee, or veg out in front of the TV after a long day, sounds like a sacrifice. But, once you’ve set yourself in motion, you will begin to rely on your physical activity and find yourself scheduling everything around your workout. Learn a few helpful time management techniques from our experts so you can squeeze in your run or daily exercise. You will feel better for it!

Make a Date with Time Management!

I have run 7 marathons, all while running a company and with 3 kids under the age of 8!

How do I train? I schedule every training session in my calendar like an appointment. And it really is that: an appointment with myself. That way it’s scheduled, it fits into my time, and I have very few excuses. It becomes a part of my healthy lifestyle.

Alexia Bregman, CEO, Vuka Energy Drinks


No Excuses for a Healthy Lifestyle!

I incorporate time management into my routine by exercising first thing in the morning to make sure it gets done. If you schedule exercise in the middle of your day or evening it’s so easy to push it aside. By the time the evening rolls around you’re probably very tired and not motivated to work out.

After exercising consistently at the same time it becomes a habit, something included in my healthy lifestyle and I look forward to it as a great way to start my day. I no longer worry about feeling depressed about my weight or trying desperately to arrange my schedule to sneak in a workout. I have more energy and I feel very positive toward myself because I know I’m doing something great for myself and increasing my overall strength.

Katrina Kritz, Owner, Katixon

What is your favorite time management technique incorporated into your healthy lifestyle that keeps you from using “not enough time” as an excuse to put off running?

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