Excuse Busting Tips to Keep Motivated

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Pixmac000069386467Finding your motivation to exercise is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when beginning an exercise routine.  Starting your work out is the hard part.  Once you set yourself in motion, staying in motion becomes easier and even motivating. Start your exercise routine today using these excuse-busting tips from our panel of expert contributors.

Eliminate Your Hurdles

Don’t go into exercising gung ho, looking only at why you think you want to exercise, but also examine the reasons you don’t. In clinical terms, you might call this your desire to exercise versus your fears (or why you don’t want to). Maybe you don’t want to think about the time commitment or how you’ll look in your gym clothes, so you push these thoughts out of your mind. However, these are the exact issues which will surface later to cause you to slack off. Resolve your inner conflicts about exercise BEFORE starting and you’ll sustain motivation.

Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed., http://www.eatingnormal.com

5 Steps to Stay Motivated

  • Write down your goals- without goals, what are you working towards?
  • Assess your fitness levels; find out what you have to work with and set realistic goals.
  • 3Get a workout buddy/spouse/friend: find someone else to hold you accountable, you will be motivated to keep your workout plans in place.
  • Pull out old photos or find new ones in a magazine. With a picture of what you will look like, you will be motivated to keep going on your fitness quest.
  • Put down some money and join a gym, class, or hire a personal trainer. When you’ve committed some bucks, you are more likely to keep going.

Nicole Palacios, BSc, ACE personal trainer, http://www.perfectfit.ws

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