3 Tips for the Beginning Runner

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sunrise runDo you classify yourself as a beginning runner?  Or are you nervous about starting a running routine?  Don’t fret! With the right mindset and preparation you will be pounding the pavement in no time and enjoying the energy and health benefits from your running routine.

Just because you have never been a ‘runner’ does not mean that it is too late to start! You can begin the fantastic and beneficial sport of running at any age, as long as you take some simple steps to reduce any risks, there is not reason you cannot start.

Here are 3 tips for running to get you started.

1. Invest in good quality running shoes – make sure you get them properly fitted by a professional which will ensure your feet are properly supported and you don’t cause any unnecessary injury.

2. Start slow and build up – if you haven’t run in years, or never run at all, you can’t expect to run a marathon on day one! Start at a pace that is comfortable for you and build up at a pace that your body allows. Try alternating running and walking initially and then building up to longer stints of just running.

3. Have fun – once you begin running, it can become quite an event! You can start to set yourself goals such as entering fun runs, get involved or start a running group for people of similar levels or use it as a way of actively catching up with friends.

The options are endless!

Eloise Howard, http://www.ewmwlw.com.au

Your shoes are really important.  When I began running I refused to buy into the hype…  until I had all sorts of injuries to show for the fact my shoes didn’t support my feet properly.  Invest the time and money to be properly fitted for a good running shoe.  You won’t regret it.

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