Why Kindness Creates Motivation

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Pixmac000083308987It is easy to get discouraged through life, at anything really.  I struggle through times of disappointment in just about every area, business, family, fitness, health, money, friends.  Dang, there are a lot of things one can worry about aren’t there?

Often times these slumps last longer than they need to because I am not able to look on myself with compassion.  I am my own worst critic and the negative self talk is debilitating.  It can take me from the highest of giddy excitement straight to depths of intimidation and fear.

I don’t know.  Call me bipolar.

Today our experts remind us the importance of maintaining a positive, gentle attitude…  about ourselves. Find motivation by using the following tips when beginning your running routine:

Create A Mantra

What exactly is the point of your new program? Is it to feel better about yourself, look better in your clothes, or feel, more confident? Write this down as if it was already happening and you were already feeling this way.

“I am thin and curvy and love the way my clothes feel!”

Repeat this mantra at least twice per day, fueling a more positive self-talk. Whenever you catch yourself beating yourself up, you need to reverse the psychology and start talking positively about yourself.

Think about it.  If you hated your best friend, would you be nice to her? No! So if you hate your body, why would you be nice to yourself??

Set realistic goals and timelines – if you haven’t worked out in 8 years, don’t expect to jump back in to 7 days per week. Gradually ease into a plan so that it is more sustainable for you.

Stephanie Mansour, CEO Step It Up with Steph 

Be realistic.

A lot of people aim too high at first and try to make a fitness plan that is too far above their skill level. When you struggle right from the beginning, you´ll have a hard time sticking with it. It´s important to do a progressive routine that gets more challenging as you go along. You´ll enjoy seeing yourself get better.

Set goals.

If you don´t know why you are doing something, you are likely to quit. That´s why I like fitness challenges so much. I set weekly goals that involve little rewards (never food related). Usually my goals are something like work out 6 mornings a week and do yoga 3 nights a week. Goals based more on effort than waistline or weight change are more effective as everyone´s body responds to exercise differently.

Get a workout partner.

This does not have to be someone you actually workout with, you just need someone who you can hold accountable and who will hold you accountable. I once did a fitness challenge with a friend living in Las Vegas while I was in Buenos Aires. It worked!

Rease Kirchner, Travelated

What is your mantra?

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