How to Eliminate Your Hurdles

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Pixmac000084095298Finding the motivation to exercise (and for me, run) can be a challenge. There are so many factors that sneak up on me and convince me not to follow through. My favorite motivator is elimination. I found that if I’m honest with myself about my set of excuses, then I can eliminate them from being an issue.

For example, I recently have become very busy with my job. And this is a really great thing because I love my job. In fact, I am obsessed with my work. So much so that it would be easy for me to say – I can’t run today because I have too much work to do.  Since I already know this is a potential excuse I can eliminate it by scheduling my runs.  It’s in the calendar.  I cannot break it. I know that if I break the date even one time that I’m …well, screwed.

In case you’re not the making excuses type and cannot relate to my motivator… here are a few more from our experts:


Even if you dislike exercising with a passion, most of us still enjoy one movement when working out. Whether is it a push up or a lunge, remember how much fun you are having while performing it! This passion is a good reminder to stay motivated with your workouts!


Every one of us is an “athlete” when it comes to at least one exercise. Embrace that one particular exercise that you are good at in your current workout routine! This will help you stay motivated and shed those unwanted pounds.


This may sound obvious, but stick with fitness goals that are easily obtainable month to month. For example, don’t set yourself up to fail by placing unrealistic goals of weight loss on yourself.


Remember to stay consistent with exercise because it will not only yield the results that you crave, but you will also obtain more energy to be become more active. This new energy of exercise will let you progress in your workouts which will result into keeping that motivation.


By keeping a food diary and writing down everything that you eat, you can be more honest with yourself on all of the calories that you consume daily. Remember that you are exercising too hard to ruin it by eating poorly and making wrong food decisions. A journal is an easy accessible method to stay motivated and reach all of your fitness goals.

Shaun A Zetlin,


Create a vision board. Cut out pictures of really fit looking people with great bodies. Hang it in a place that’s very visible. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t want to exercise, take a look at the vision board. Seeing the tangible results in front of you will get you moving.

Steve Siebold,


Think incredibly lean, strong, buffed thoughts! I thought myself thin and strong, then thought my stomach flat, then thought myself younger-looking and feeling. Thinking about myself as thin, young and strong motivates me to exercise without any force or willpower whatsoever! The subconscious mind is the real power in the body, like a computer, so we have to know how to program it. With your imagination, you have the ultimate control.

The key is to not beat yourself up over losses in time. Just keep looking at your fabulously gorgeous future!

Debbie Johnson,

How do you eliminate your exercise hurdles?

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