Maintain Your Exercise Routine

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Pixmac000069034751Starting an exercise program and maintaining an exercise routine are two very different things.  I cannot tell you how many exercise programs I have started.  And much like our expert, Ed Boullianne, suggests, I burnt myself out within the first few days or weeks.  Results never appear fast enough for me, so I end up feeling overworked and underpaid.

It wasn’t until I started to experience back pain that I changed my motivation from “results driven” to “lifestyle change”.  And I have to tell you that this made all the difference in the world.  Learn how to get healthy by making exercise part of your daily routine, rather than a physical fitness crash course.

“Start with the easy steps first! As with anything exercise or diet related, the mistake most of us make is to go all out on day one. Most of us start an exercise program by totally over doing it during our first workout session. The next morning, we are so sore that we can hardly get out of bed and immediately decide this exercise stuff is just not for us.

What we really need is a measured, slow start approach to any exercise regimen. What I tell folks at my Wellness seminars is to walk around the block in your neighborhood (or up and back down the street) just once your first day out. This should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Each succeeding day thereafter, add just a little more distance and time. In a month’s time you’ll be power walking 30-45 minutes and find it hard to remember when you couldn’t make it around the block even once.  This approach also works great if you are using a treadmill, elliptical trainer or bike at your local gym. Find a friend to go with you and you’ll find you not only have a great conversation, but have someone to help motivate you on those days when you find it hard to get excited about exercise.

Exercising is a lifestyle change, not just something you do to get in shape and lose weight. Find something you enjoy doing. And remember, to maintain a healthy exercise program, warm up first, or just start slowly, and stretch afterwards.”

Ed Boullianne, Author / Presenter, “You Cant Outsource Weight Loss”

Have you found your grove?  What motivates you to include exercise in your daily routine?


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