A Spin on Cross-training Tips for Runners

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Pixmac000069033501When I began my cross-over from lazy runner to mindful athlete, I had to face a humbling fact – my body wasn’t strong enough to support my running routine. Injuries started flaring up over my entire body because I wasn’t conditioned to properly support the wear and tear that running can put on my muscles and joints.

Our contributor and fitness expert, Dan FitzSimons, reminds us why cross-training is so important and suggests a fun, motivational way to strengthen and stretch our limits.

“Cross training” Tip for Runners!

“No matter why you run or how much you run, runners need to cross train. Which means to participate in other types of physical exercise so that you do not become one dimensional, so that you avoid an overuse injury and to avoid boredom or a plateau.

Getting on a bicycle is an amazing way to cross train. You will still be using your legs, lungs and heart, but in a totally different manner. We can actually burn 1/3 more calories in the same time on a spin bike than during a run – so you are still improving your fitness, while reducing the risk of injury. Most people will most likely not run fast enough or hard enough to equal your effort on a spin bike in the same amount of time.

The other great thing about spinning is that you are with a group. Group fitness participants work 15-25% harder than when alone. Another benefit, you all start and finish together no matter what your fitness levels are! Get on a bike, indoors or out, your legs will love you for it!”

Dan FitzSimons, BodyFitz

Do you enjoy spinning? What is your favorite part of spin class?

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