4 Reasons to Try a Bosu Ball

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Pixmac000046681941Have you ever used a Bosu Ball?

It looks like half of an exercise ball.  It’s used quite similarly, except with more stability, or less – depending how you use it.  Since it doesn’t roll, you are able to do standing exercises on it as well as the floor exercises normally associated with a balance ball.

Here’s my 4 reasons why I think everyone should give it a try:


As you perform your sit-ups, the ball massages your lower back. You’re treated to this pleasure / pain sensation that’s quite…  dare I say stimulating?


Arching your back over the curve of the ball provides a larger range of motion that works a bigger variety of muscles. I can still feel those muscles reminding me right now.


Balance training has become one of the most popular strengthening exercises available, largely due to the diversity of muscle groups you use while maintaining balance.  No matter what area you’re working on, balance training always engages your core along with the other muscles on which you focus.


I fall a lot.  The flat bottom prevents a lot of embarrassment…  also, it provides a variety of positioning options – standing, sitting, laying, etc.

The down side?…  Dang!  These things are expensive!  We’re talking close to a hundred bucks a pop – which is a far cry from my $18.00 balance ball.  The good news is that most gyms stock them in their inventory of equipment. Check one out next time you’re there.

What’s your favorite Bosu Ball exercise?

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