Planking Isn’t Just a Silly Trend

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Woman working out on athlete trackYou won’t find me stretched across a row of treadmills posing for a picture.  But, you will see me on the mats holding two sets of 60 second planks before each run.  This is a fast, not so easy, way to engage my core muscles.  If I begin a run without engaging this set of muscles, my lazy runner syndrome is much harder to overcome.

The plank is my favorite core exercise.  Here are my reasons, in today’s top ten list, to make planking part of your exercise routine…  no photo’s necessary!

10.  There are variations.  Depending on your fitness level, there are variations to build upon.

9.  It’s effective.  The next day I’m sore in places I never realized I had muscles.

8.  It works your entire core, strengthening muscles in your front, sides, and back.

7.  It’s convenient.  Like the silly trend, you can literally do it anywhere.

6.  It engages an entire muscle group with ONE exercise.  ONE.

5.  It’s close to the ground.  So, I literally curl straight into a ball after each 60 second rep.

4.  An engaged core supports your body, taking pressure off your ankle, knee, and hip joints.

3.  It’s performed in a horizontal position.  Enough Said.

2.  It trains your muscles.  Experiencing the physical sensation of an engaged core is the best form of training.

1.  It’s fast.  Seriously, 120 seconds.  Who can’t suffer through 120 seconds?

So, get out there people… and plank for lazy runners everywhere!

What is your favorite core exercise?

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