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Pixmac000069386467I am at a point of frustration.  The motivation is there, but the physical ability and time are not.  I would not call myself a “new runner” anymore because I have been at it for a few years now.  Yet, I feel like I’m not making the progress that I should.  Injuries keep popping up and schedules keep conflicting with my exercise routine.

With that said…  I am NOT willing to give up.

So, I put a schedule together that made working out – running or otherwise – a top priority.  There is no longer a reason for my schedule to interfere with my progress because I eliminated it. What’s more?…  I started it today – that’s right, on a WEDNESDAY! There was no need to wait another minute.

I feel good about it. I consistently accomplish more when I follow a schedule.

Another great way to schedule fitness into your day is to join a class. The money spent and other participants will help hold you accountable.

Join me on Twitter and post your runs.  We can encourage each other!

How do you schedule in your running routine?

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