Dream with Intention

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Pixmac000036804961Have you ever had a new idea you were so excited about you wanted to share it with everyone?  But, you pine over it for a very long time only to see it fall wayward to the daily grind called life.  Often times I have felt like I’m trapped on a wheel, never finding the time or energy to pursue my dreams.  Until one day…  it began to happen almost naturally.

I learned that it is important to make choices that are in line with my personality and that nurture my talents and interests. Sometimes it is easy to feel guilty about spending time on myself to do these things, but in reality my life took on much more purpose when I began to honor what is within me.

Following these steps encouraged me to stay on track and reassured me that I was headed in the right direction.

Write It Down:

Map out your dreams. Write down exactly what you would like to accomplish in your life. It doesn’t have to be as specific as picking a career. I started with I want to write, be part of a community, and help others.

Feed Your Passions:

Do you have a love of something? Running? Music? Technology? If you love it, FEED IT. Take the time to grow your strengths and talents. If you do not submerge yourself in your interests they become hobbies. And hobbies are easily placed on the back burner. Put your passions in front of you and opportunities will reveal themselves.

Have Faith In Yourself:

Please do not let the attitudes or pressures of others influence your decisions. Acknowledge the difference between advice and criticism. This is your life. You can accomplish whatever you choose.

Try and Try Again:

It may not go exactly as planned on the first try… or the second or third for that matter. But, keep with it. Each time you try something new it is a learning experience that will prepare you for what comes next. We may have written our map, but unfortunately we can’t control how many detours it will take before we reach our destination.

When I pay attention to my heart I feel a sense of peace in my life. A sense that maybe I’m on the right track after all. The journey is what counts and I have definitely traveled.

What are some lessons of success you have learned while traveling your journey?

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