Every Step Counts

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Pixmac000083314991Are you looking for ways to get in shape this New Year? Your resolutions are set and you are filled with a new sense of commitment. All you need now is a plan!

Once the New Year begins in full swing, finding motivation to exercise can be difficult.  Daily exercise is necessary for me to maintain a healthy body and a happy spirit.  But, we all have times when we find ourselves in a slump.  What happens when I start to get discouraged?  Here are a few pick-me-ups that I use to help me get back on track:

Count Your Steps – often times I am surprised by how much (or how little) I move during the day.  Wearing a pedometer helps me determine if I need to make a bigger effort to get up from my computer.  Once I wear it for a couple days it becomes a game, challenging myself to take 2,000 more steps each day.  Next thing you know, I’m more motivated to incorporate exercise back into my daily routine.

Stretch – pull a few of your favorite yoga poses out of any routine.  Often times I don’t have time for a full session, but even a few sun salutations in the  morning before I shower will have me moving, energized, and ready to conquer my day.

Engage – personally, my biggest problem area is my core.  I find if I take a few moments in the morning to engage this area of my body, I’m more likely to support it throughout the day in my tasks.  My favorite exercise for this is the plank.  I hold this position 45-60 seconds in two reps.  It’s a fast way to make a big difference.

Starting a new fitness program can seem like a daunting task and if you’re anything like me, I’ll put it off as long as possible.  But, starting small when you’re feeling sluggish can make a big difference in the amount of time it takes to find your motivation.

What is your favorite “quickie” exercise that you use to keep moving?

Happy Trails!

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