Improve Running Pace with the 100 Meter Dash

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Pixmac000021104681We asked the experts for ways to improve running pace.  Director of Embodimove, Maria Davis, tells us how using the 100 Meter Dash will have us running faster.

100 Meter Dashes Will Increase Your Pace

Short burst of fast running. That’s the advice that I was given. In other words speed work. 100 – 200 metres of speed with rest recovery in between. This gives those muscle fibres a taste of what running fast feels like and they will adapt to a faster pace. Your slow pace will be almost forgotten. Your slowest pace will be binned, as the body with naturally go faster per kilometer.

Try this on a track or map out a 100 metres to start with. Warmup – you know what your body is warm -at least minimum of 5 minutes of slow jogging. Set your marker and run like you are squeezing the air out of you for 100 metres. Then recovery and then do it again. Try 2 X 100 metres – first go. Then add one each week, until you get to 10 X 100 metres dashes. Then a cool down of at least 5 minutes followed by some stretches.

This type of training will definitely make you faster.

Maria Davis, Director, Embodimove

What training exercises have you used to help improve running pace?

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