The Family that Runs Together, Stays Together!

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Pixmac000046599329I started running when my two children were quite young – 6 and 3 years. My husband and children would religiously be at the finish line. When they were old enough and their bodies could cope with distance they started to run with me – shorter distances like 4km and 5km. They both found it hard but kept going and when they finished they were hooked. Now they can knock out a 5km distance without thinking. They know they can do it and their body will cope.

They are now 18 and 15 years of age. The gift of running has been instilled. The family that runs together stays together. There is mutual respect for each other for our progressive endeavours to maintain our fitness. Most importantly the message – they can achieve anything! It has instilled confidence and innate ability to achieve any goal they set themselves at all levels in their lives. It is wonderful to them be active and know that they can be without thought or favour.

Maria Davis, Director and Founder, Embodimove

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