Safety Tips for Running in Heat

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Pixmac000081196957At 103 degrees today in Michigan, it’s crucial to heed this advice!

Running for Your Life

Running in intense heat is dangerous and should be undertaken with extreme caution. In the event it is a must, run at the extremes of the day. In a hot environment the heat from your body cannot be transferred away from it. Therefore your body temperature stays elevated.

Sweating can cool the body for a short period of time in a very hot environment before that cooling mechanism fails causing heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Fluid and electrolyte intake must be maintained at a very high level. Physicians measure appropriate hydration by the amount of urine formation, this is an excellent means to know if you are well hydrated.

In the event you must run in the heat:

  • wear loose clothing
  • keep your fluid intake high
  • don’t drink alcoholic beverages or caffeine because of their diuretic effects
  • adequate intake of carbohydrates several hours before running to stabilize your blood sugar
  • run with a partner if possible

This list will minimize your risk and product the effects of the run you seek.

Mark Davis MD, President, Healthnets Review Services

How do you take precaution when running in heat?

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