Natural Ways to Stay Cool on a Hot Run

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Pixmac000069253093Distance training doesn’t stop when we’re reaching 102 degree days!  Here in Michigan we are experiencing a heat wave that’s hotter than Hades.  Or at least that’s how I feel a couple miles into my training run.  I asked the experts, “How do you stay cool on your summer runs?”

Learn what Holistic Nutrition Coach, Tamara Jacobi, recommends we do to stay hydrated and cool.

Keeping it Cool in the Heat

The heat of the summer is here, but don’t let that keep you from your running routine! Now is a great time to naturally support your body with staying cool. Here are some quick tips to keep your summer running routine alive.

a) Start your day with a blast of hydration. Raw fruits and veggies are great summer choices that will keep your body hydrated and support your internal cooling system. You too can be “cool as cucumber”! Be sure to include dark leafy greens, watermelon, apples, and citrus fruits in your summer diet.

b) Avoid tempting summer treats like iced coffee, ice cream and sodas. These foods can be very dehydrating and disrupt your body’s natural cooling mechanisms. Well before you tie on your running shoes you want to give your body quality fuel that will keep you cool and energized.

c) Whenever possible, run either early or late in the day and wear white. When the sun is lower in the sky, the heat won’t be quite as intense. Wearing white clothing on your run will also help deflect those intense summer rays.

d) Bring water with you on your run! In the summer your body needs to be sweating constantly to keep your body cool. Sweating is one of you body’s natural cooling mechanisms. Keeping yourself hydrated will support your body’s efforts to stay cool.

Tamara Jacobi, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Jungle Girl Health

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