Leg Strengthening Exercises for Runners

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Legs of a young man runningStrengthening muscles that cross the knees and hips reduces the chance of injury for runners, as the muscle is more likely to absorb the impact, rather than the skeletal system.  Try incorporating these two leg strengthening exercises into your running routine to improve your running performance.



Side-Lying Leg Raise

Lie flat on your side.
Keeping your toes pointed down and your hips stacked, lift and lower your top leg about 6 inches.
Perform 3 sets of 10 reps.

Wall Squat

Lean against a wall with your feet about 12 inches away from the wall.
Slide down the wall until your hips are just slightly above knee-level.
To begin, hold for 30 seconds and increase your time as you get stronger.

Nicole Clancy, Editor, Health Your Way Online

What is your most challenging leg strengthening exercise?

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