Running: There’s Nothing Like It!

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Running CoupleWhy Do You Run?

Author and Physician, Dr Paul T. Scheatzle of Bailey Rehabilitation tells us,

“There’s nothing like it!”

“I run to get to the finish line. I run to achieve my goal. To win no matter what time I get. To get my heart beating and to breath in the fresh air. To get outside and see the world. I run because all I need is me, my shoes and an open trail. To feel the runners high and stress melting away.”

We Agree!

I have gone through many phases when I get out of the habit of running and it will again become a chore.  And until I embrace all wonderful benefits that Dr. Paul Scheatzle mentions above, I have difficulty enjoying myself.  When I take the focus off of the physical act of running itself and put it on goal setting, nature, and camaraderie, the difficulty melts away to reveal a relationship with my body and mind that only running can provide.

Why do you run?

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