Running + Consistency = Higher Fitness Levels

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Pixmac000083314401We asked our readers, “why do you run?

And we have gotten some pretty great responses to which most of them we can relate, including the following submission from Erica Lugbill of Lugbill Designs who shares,

Consistency Is Key

Running is a way to stay motivated to reach higher fitness levels. Signing up for races and training with my sister gives me accountability and builds our relationship. It is also an excuse to spend time outdoors, which is always good for my soul.

Erica Lugbill, Founder, Lugbill Designs

We know how important it is to maintain consistency in our running routine!  There are many days when we can come up with any number of excuses why we shouldn’t run, but if we plan a time in our schedule and follow through we come out better for it!

Thank you for sharing your reason why with us, Erica!  I’m glad you are finding so many benefits to your running routine.

Why do you run?

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