Why Gym Machines are an Ineffective Strength Training Exercise

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Pixmac000069034751Learn why training with machines at the gym will NOT give you an effective strength training workout. Our expert guest blogger warns us against using machines to strength train and specifies the many reasons they will work against your efforts.

The Best Machine in the Gym is YOU!

MENS stands for Minimal Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation, and it’s one of the concepts by which the body works. To put it simply, it means that the body will use as little energy/stimulation as necessary in order to accomplish a specified task. If you’re working out on machines, there is no need to:

  • Condition stabilizers and neutralizers in relation to the prime movers
  • Maintain your center of gravity over your own base of support
  • Integrate upper and lower extremity function
  • Train dynamic stability as well as static stability
  • Switch between righting reactions and tilting or equilibrium reactions
  • Be proficient at both closed and open-chain movements.
  • Develop high levels of inter as opposed to intra-muscular coordination.

You don’t need to do any of these essential functions, because the machines DO IT FOR YOU! And unless you can plan on running your next 10k with a back extension machine strapped to your backside, all of that “fitness” you’ve developed in the gym will not help you once you’re in the real world. In fact, it’s going to hurt you.

Andrew Johnston, Triumph Training

How do you feel about strength training using machines for your workout?

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