Why Do You Run? Jill Murphy Shares Her Healing Story

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Pixmac000046800316There are many benefits to running and we run for many different reasons. So, I’ve asked our readers, “Why Do You Run?” Knowing your reason why is motivation to maintain and enjoy your running routine.

Learn how Jill Murphy got started running, how it has improved her health, and why she continues to run on a regular basis.


Running My Way to Spine Health

Like many other people, I have been limited by low back pain, degenerative discs, and other back problems for the past 20 years, before I even attended physical therapy school. Once I attended physical therapy and the acute pain was better controlled, I was able to begin a walking program, and later running, and found that staying active is the key to managing my back pain. Running eases stress, muscle tension, and the stretching I perform afterwards keeps my back loose and limber. I also perform strengthening exercises for my hips and abs, and find my post-run stretching time a great opportunity to squeeze these into my busy schedule.

Just this past year after undergoing a major surgery to remove a cyst from my spinal cord, I suffered from debilitating migraine headaches. By getting back into running again, I have been able to reduce my migraine medication from a daily medicine to just Imitrex as needed. Research also supports the value of running as a way to desensitize the nervous system, and found that running is as effective as migraine medication in controlling migraines.

During our first year of marriage, my groom wanted to complete his first marathon to check this item off his bucket list. Not wanting to lag behind, I had to train for one too. Eight years later, I have finished 3 full marathons and several half marathons and 10Ks thanks to my husband’s goal. And yes, he finished his one marathon too. My spine has never felt better, and that’s why I run!

Jill Murphy, Owner, Physical Therapist, Licensed Athletic Trainer, MotionWorks Physical Therapy


Many thanks to Jill Murphy for sharing your story with us.  We are all inspired by your dedication and the many benefits running has had on your health!

Share your story with us!  Why do you run?

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