Why Do You Run? Tamara Jacobi Shares Her Reason Why

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Young Woman Working OutI asked our readers for their input to a question that is different for everyone, yet I believe we can all relate to each other’s answer in one way or another.  So, I asked… Why Do You Run?

Knowing your reason why helps you to keep going even on the days when running seems far from your mind.  Learn why Tamara Jacobi runs and share your story with us!

Running for Rejuvenation and Clarity

I got started running while I was in college. I didn’t have a car at the time, so initially I was attracted to running as a vehicle for exploration. However, as I began to cover more and more miles, I realized that running was not only a way to explore, it was also a way for me to reconnect with my body, find clarity and rejuvenate every cell in my body.

Only minutes into a run I fall into a rhythm of breath and stride that unite my body and mind. My mind and my feet focus on the trail in front of me and the stresses of my day fall away. Deep breathing floods my body with nourishing oxygen that gives every cell in my body a cleansing blast.

As I go deeper into my run, I am greeted by a beautiful sense of clarity as I am reminded of the magic and simplicity of life. By the end of my run, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next challenge that life has to offer.

Tamara Jacobi, Holistic nutrition coach, Jungle Girl Health

Why do you run?

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