Be Dynamic. A Better Warm Up for a Better Run

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by Joe Vennare from Hybrid Athlete

lungesA proper warm-up should be a component of every workout routine. How you prepare prior to physical activity can have a profound impact on your performance. A structured, dynamic warm-up is a preferred method of preparation.

A dynamic warm-up is a method used to prepare the body for exercise that actively engages muscles. Properly implemented, a dynamic warm-up will use continuous movement to transition from a resting heart rate and body temperature to a working heart rate, elevating core temperature causing you to break a sweat.

As your body begins to warm-up, blood flow is increased to your muscles. Be sure to perform exercises that engage the body in movement patterns specific to the activity that will follow. By developing flexibility and coordination, while serving as a means of injury prevention, the dynamic warm up will improve elasticity of muscles, tendons, ligaments and the range of motion around joints. Finally, a structured, skill based warm-up can be used as a form of mental preparation that allows athletes to visualize their success and focus on the race or training ahead.

Planning a Dynamic Warm-up

During a 5-10 minute warm-up, try to get the body going by jogging, running, skipping rope or performing exercises like jumping jacks.

After breaking a sweat, move onto a series of dynamic and functional exercises that are specific to your workout or sport. Incorporate bodyweight squats, lunges and leg swings into a quick exercise circuit.

Athletes can take additional measures to address injury, chronic tightness or muscular imbalances by adding resistance bands or a foam roller to targeting specific body parts, knots, and trigger points to breakup scar tissue that may compromise muscular function.

A Sample Dynamic Warm-up
Preparation: Gradually transition from a walk to a moderate jog for 2-5 minutes.

Dynamic Movement Circuit; 3x 30 seconds each

1. Bodyweight Squat
2. Alternate lunge
3. Leg swings (front/back/lateral)
4. Downward dog to upward dog

Joe Vennare, co-Founder and Director of Programming, Hybrid Athlete

What is your favorite dynamic warm up routine?

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