Why Strength and Endurance are a Runner’s Best Friend

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Pixmac000069034729Incorporate strength training exercises into your distance training to support the endurance you need to get through your long runs.

Learn the importance of strength training for runners and the best leg strengthening exercises to perform to optimize your running performance.

Strength Training Those Legs for Long Distance Muscle Endurance

Strength training builds muscle endurance, and you need that endurance to get through a long run. Training with weights and running are two different animals and effect the legs in different ways. Quad, hamstrings, glutes and calves — they all come into play when you’re pounding the pavement, so try strength training exercises that challenge more than one muscle at a time. Keep the weight moderate and rep count around 10. Squats: Quads and Glutes Lunges: Quad and Glutes Double leg curls: Hamstrings and Glutes Squat Jumps: Glutes, Quads and Calves

Djuan Means, Owner and Personal Trainer, By Any Means Fitness, LLC

Strength and Running – A Perfect Match

My two favourites for myself as well as a Personal Trainer I use these exercises to train my clients foor better running fitness and ability:

1) Leg press or squat: Attempt to lower the weight in a slow and controlled manner. A heavy weight used should be used, and only 2 sets of each exercise should be completed, with a long rest between each. The number of reps should not exceed 12, and like the strength endurance training, single leg exercises are advised where possible.

2) Plyomterics (lunges): explosive power improving endurance performance. For runners, explosive power developed primarily through plyometric exercises (jumps) and sprints, can help reduce ground contact time. Alternate leg lunges, jumping from one to the other with back knee close to the ground. Propulsion using front heel. Running arms to maintain stability and power.

Ali Cavill, Owner/Head Trainer – Fit Fantastic

How has strength training exercises improved your running performance?

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