Why Leg Strengthening Exercises Support Your Run

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Pixmac000012143591We have heard over and over again that strength training is important for runners, but why?  Learn from our expert guest blogger why it is important to include leg strengthening exercises in your running routine.

Why Strength Train?

Strength training for endurance athletes, specifically runners, is essential for the following reasons…..

1. The muscles that support and surround your hip, knee and ankle joints act as shock absorbers and work to void the “negative” effect that is produced by running and chronic/repetitive impact. Distance runners easily produce thousands of foot strikes per week/ per leg with forces equal to or greater than the runners body weight. This repetitive impact, if not accounted for with proper muscular strength and flexibility around the joint in action can contribute to tendinitis, inflammation and in worst case scenarios, osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis has been known to end the career or extracurricular enjoyment of many endurance runners/athletes.

2. In addition to supporting and protection your joints, training your lower body muscles in the correct manner can produce enhanced performance by way of improved biomechanics (which will contribute a longer running life span) and higher lactate thresholds (which will significantly improve a runner’s speed and time).

Mark Myers, Fitness Services Manager, Spectrum Athletic Clubs

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