How to Stay Out of Your Head and Into Your Run on Race Day

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Pixmac000046800316Finding yourself trapped in your own head is the WORST place to wind up on race day.  Even though you have many miles ahead of you, it is important to remember you  have many, many more miles behind you.  You are prepared.

Our expert guest blogger shares with us how she maintains her wits about her before and during her big race.  Learn how to get out of your head on race day and stay into your run for a successful and enjoyable journey!

Beating Those Race Day Jitters

As the day of the big race approaches you may find all sorts of negative thoughts flow through your mind… “What if I pick up an injury?” or “What if I am too slow and can’t keep up with the pace or I can’t even make it to the finish line…?”

To combat these fears and doubts you need to be strong and remain focused. If you are keeping up with your training routines, eating the right foods and getting enough sleep you will be rewarded on race day itself. Self doubt is the runner’s biggest enemy and if you let it take hold before the race you may find that you hit a brick wall during the race.

On race day I like to follow a set routine which you may also like to try. I wake and shower before eating an energy packed breakfast which usually includes porridge or eggs (or both). My running gear is out and ready for me to step into and I always make sure I am running in trainers that I have run in before. I pack my ipod, watch and heart rate monitor, tie back my hair and head out the door. Don’t forget to warm up prior to the race with a good series of gentle stretches (include your arms and back in this routine to avoid feeling sore the next day).

One important final point to remember is to enjoy the race. You have worked hard up to this point so don’t let your efforts go to waste. Stay focused on your breathing and on your pace and before you know it you will have crossed the finishing line!

Good luck!

Lindsey Watson, Marketing Exc, Orbus Leisure

How do you prepare to keep your wits about you on race day?

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