Soothing Race Day Jitters and Sports Performance Anxiety

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race-marathonWell… I am counting down the last few days before my first half marathon. The last 12 weeks have been pretty intense. Admittedly, I have not thought (or talked) about much other than running. This week will not be any different and will most likely be the most intense of them all.

I asked our expert guest bloggers for techniques to avoid getting race day jitters. Or at the very least, manage my sports performance anxiety until the finish line. Learn how to relax and feel prepared for race day.

Trust Your Training

It’s really common for people to experience sports performance anxiety the day before a big race, ride or athletic event. You wonder what else you could have done to prepare and did you do enough. The reality is that the morning of or a few days before an event you cannot do anything that will make your endurance, strength or stamina better. As hard as it is, you have to trust that you have prepared well and believe in your training process.

Questioning your training can lead to mentally sabotaging yourself and delivering a sub-optimal performance. Think positively about the outcome you desire and visualize yourself reaching your goals. When you trust your training and keep a positive mindset, you will do outstanding!

Brandon Henry, Owner/Coach, Performance Strength & Conditioning

Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of your challenge can sometimes prove to be difficult.  Learn how healthy and fit advocate, Joanie Jacobsen, suggests we lighten up and keep it upbeat.

Music Soothes the Savage Beast

On race day I am usually wound up like an old fashioned alarm clock. I walk around with my headphones on and listen to blues music like Adele and Dire Straits, it definitely calms my nerves and gets me ready for my impending contest. While running I like to listen to the Beatles; they are my favorite running music.

Joanie Jacobsen, Healthy & Fit Advocate, Baby Boomer Way

What’s on your favorite running playlist that soothes your sports performance anxiety?

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