Top Ten Ways to Stay Motivated During Distance Training

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Legs of a young man runningTraining days can be long and excruciating, especially when you are dealing with soreness and discomfort. There are many times when we are tempted to skip out on a run here and there. But, too many of these skips later we may find ourselves unprepared.

Our expert and motivational author, Debbie Johnson, has provided us with the 10 best ways to keep our head in the game and stay motivated to follow through on our long distance training – even when it hurts.


Top Ten Ways to Stay Motivated

1. Imagine yourself the way you want to be after you have achieved your goal. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

2. You may know it’s good for you to run, but do you believe it? Your subconscious does, and it will motivate you 24/7 if you program it with positive images.

3. What will you look like when you are at your goal? Imagine that clearly.

4. How energized and fit will you be when you’ve reached your ultimate goal? Sense that within your mind.

5. Envision the beauty that will surround you as you run, even if it’s only the trees next to the road, or the vast expanse of sky.

6. Imagine smelling the fresh air outside as you think of running.

7. Feel the freedom of the run in your heart. It’s been proven that feelings from the heart are even more powerful than your thoughts.

8. Schedule your runs consistently, writing them on your calendar. People who write their goals accomplish them 100 to one over those who do not.

9. Find a partner to run with for more secure stick-to-itness.

10. If you feel tired or resistant thinking of your run, think of how great you will feel when you’re done with your run for the day, and how proud of yourself you’ll be at the accomplishment.

Many thanks to Debbie Johnson, the best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin.  Personally, I needed these motivational tips this week and will start thinking myself out the door and onto the pavement!

How do you stay motivated to follow through on your long distance training?

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