Top Ten Reasons to Distance Train with Your Spouse

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Keeping warm while waiting for the Detroit Turkey Trot to start.

My husband, Jesse, and I are training together for the Bayshore Half Marathon the end of May.  This is the first time we have trained together for a race.  The experience is teaching us a few things.  While running our half-way 10K this morning, I got to thinking (as I usually do while running). Training with Jesse has been a very rewarding experience.

Before I dive into this list, let’s take a moment to define “together”.  Jesse and I are at two entirely different levels of running.  For example, he completed this morning’s race in 44:something minutes, while my time was an hour:something.  Training “together” doesn’t always mean we run next to each other.  But, we do try to do one run a week side by side.

So, without further adieu…

Top 10 Reasons to Distance Train with Your Spouse

10.  Set a Good Example

We have had the opportunity to set a good example for our children together.  Often times they will hop on their bikes and come along with us on our runs.  They see us active, struggling, enduring, and overcoming; lessons not easily taught or learned.

9.  Encourage Each Other

Training together gives us an opportunity to encourage each other.  Finding ways to support each other within our relationship can be a lot of work.  Running gives us plenty of chances to build each other up, which in turn strengthens our relationship.

Training Together Staying Together8.  Support Each Other

Whether we are celebrating a victory or working through a disappointment, it is nice to know that we understand first hand what the other is going through and we can be here for each other.

7.  Motivate Each Other

I don’t always feel like running anyway.  On days I feel like skipping out, Jesse is here to give me a push out the door, and vise versa.

6.  Laugh Together

We laugh a lot.  Taking ourselves too seriously can be detrimental to our training.  It’s supposed to be fun too!  We find plenty of reasons to laugh together during our long distance training.

5.  Work Towards a Common Goal

Working toward a common goal has really strengthened our relationship.  Instead of vaguely conversing about each others interests, we enjoy talking about something we have in common – which only took us 10 years to figure out.

4.  Respect Each Others Differences

This has been a HUGE lesson for us.  I get a little defensive about being the (much) slower runner of our pair, so I had to learn to let go of comparing myself to Jesse (a constant work in progress).  Jesse tends to be a go-getter, so he learned to respect my pace without pushing me too far past my comfort zone (while simultaneously really pissing me off).  We do a lot of things differently.  Now it’s becoming easier to accept that about each other.

3. Make Time to Spend Together

Running together gives us an excuse to spend time together.  It isn’t always easy to schedule and keep a date night.  Life constantly gets in the way.  But, missing too many runs can mean not finishing the race, or not reaching a time goal.  Committing to our training plan has in turn committed us to spending time together.

2.  Cheer Each Other On

We don’t start together at the starting line of each race.  I stick back with my pace bracket, while Jesse heads toward the front with his.  But, every race we look for each other when the course bends and cheer each other on.  I saw another couple doing this in today’s race too and noticed how our step picked up a bit after we waved to our spouse, shouting words of encouragement.

1.  The Romantic Kiss at the Finish Line

Oh, cliche.  But, it is indeed the best part of race.


What are your experiences while running with your spouse?

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