Pace Training Tips to Improve Speed and Distance

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pace-trainingImproving your speed and distance take both planning and execution.  Neither will happen by accident, nor by hitting the pavement or trails without setting your intent.  In order to improve your pace – or to set it consistently – it takes practice.

Learn how to set your running pace using the following tips from triathlon coach, Dawn Dolobowsky.  Dawn shares a number of effective pace training tips that will help build both speed and distance in your running routine.

Pace Your Way to Running Success

A successful running program includes workouts at a variety of paces. Your longer runs should be at an easy pace that allows you to easily carry on a conversation. If you use a heart rate monitor, these runs should stay in zone 1-2.

To build speed, you’ll also need to include intervals of varying lengths and efforts in some of your shorter runs. You can determine your pace by effort and how well you can complete the workout. You want to run all the intervals at a consistent pace and be able to finish the workout, but you don’t want to have tons of gas left in the tank.

If you need more specific guidance, you can enter a recent race time into a pace calculator (McMillan running has a great one here: to get target paces for intervals of all distances, as well as estimates for how fast you should be able to run a variety of race distances.

Dawn Dolobowsky, CSCS, Triathlon Coach, Running at Dawn

How often do you include pace training in your running routine?

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