The Roller Coaster Ride of Running Goals

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Pixmac000069386467Typically, runners are a group of goal setters. Whether we are trying to finish a set distance, increase a race time, or want to consistently reach a certain number of miles per week, we are continuously striving to reach the next level – whatever that might be.

With each new goal comes a new set of challenges.  It is natural for us to experience many highs and lows while setting and reaching our running goals.  How do we prepare ourselves for the roller coaster ride of goal setting?

Our guest blogger, Erica Curtis, shares her thoughts and advice on preparing our mind for the ups and downs of goal setting.  Learn how she suggests you enable yourself to succeed!

Prepare for the Good and the Bad

We typically set goals precisely because we imagine they will make us or others happier and healthier. Because of this, too often we fail to consider that feelings of discomfort can arise when we set or reach our goals. These feelings, and our failure to acknowledge them, can lead us to inadvertently sabotage our own progress.

The fear of success alone can be enough to self sabotage anyone’s gains. For others, unfamiliar byproducts of success (for example, more or different attention) can be surprisingly uncomfortable. As a way of self-protection, these feelings can unconsciously motivate us to undo the gains we’ve already made and prevent future progress. It is natural to feel uncomfortable in your new self (even a better new you). Noticing, acknowledging, talking, or even writing about those uncomfortable feelings can take away their power to subtly work against you.

Get to know those feelings along with the good ones, and grant yourself time, patience, and kindness to ease into the new you (and everything that comes with it).

Erica Curtis, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board Certified Art Therapist

How do you enable yourself to reach the running goals you have set?

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