How to Choose Your Running Training Plan

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Pixmac000051732213When we chose the running training plan we used for our half marathon training we looked at a number of different options.  Most of them were similar, but a few fit our schedule and goals better than others.  For example, we felt more comfortable actually running 13.1 miles prior to race day.  So, the plan we chose scheduled that distance toward the end of the program.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a plan that is right for you.  But, the most important decision you make is the decision to stick to the plan you choose.  Learn from our experts how to choose the right running training plan for you and then execute it.

Where Preparation Meets Progress

Using a running training plan for your routine and your race preparation will not only make your workouts more organized, it will help keep your life a little less chaotic. It is also a simple way to track your weekly mileage and progression and to spot any training mistakes.

With so many training plans available it is easy to become overwhelmed with what to look for. Choose a program geared toward your level of running (beginner, intermediate or advanced), and that is specific to your training goal or race distance. Week 1 of the training program should be at a training level at which you are comfortable running. A well balanced training plan will include cross-training activities as well as strength and core training. Don’t forget that rest days are part of your training plan.

Keri Cawthorne, Owner, Iron Mountain Movement

It’s All About Execution

There are so many training programs out there. They cover many different goals, for example; distance, speed and endurance. Each program will work! The trick is to choose one and stick to it. This is hard work, as you will start to question whether you should switch to another program. You’ve missed a training session, you want to make it up and you might mix and match your programs.


Pick one and stick to it – it is only fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of performance that makes you question whether the one you chose is right for you. It is!… Believe it!… Live it! You only gravitate to the programs that you know you can follow. Have faith and you will achieve.

Remember that it is one step at a time and you will get to the end.  You just have to keep going, follow the path and you WILL get to the end. GUARANTEED.

Maria Davis, Director and Founder, Embodimove

How has sticking to a running training plan helped your race preparation and progress?

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