Is Yoga a Good Cross Training Exercise for Runners?

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Have you tried using yoga as one of your cross training exercises in your distance training? Many running stores and clubs are offering classes in their shops and studios. Yoga for runners is becoming more and more popular as runners reap the rewards of implementing a routine into their training schedule.

One of the nicest benefits of yoga is that you can incorporate a sequence into your run at any time or place. So, you can wake up with a video at home or on the go pre or post run. Learn why yoga may be a perfect combination of strength training, stretching, and balance that you need to improve your running performance.

Optimize Your Training through Yoga for Runners

You’ve set a goal and have stepped up to the challenge by amping up your training. But if you really want to get the most out of your training consider adding yoga. Yoga is an ideal cross-training activity that will help prevent injuries as well as enhance your performance.

Yoga will bring your body back to balance. Muscle groups, like the hamstrings and quadriceps, are designed to work together for movement. If one group is over-used causing the muscles to shorten, the amount of work available is compromised, your range of motion is decreased, and your performance is impacted. Most clubs and gyms offer yoga classes; additionally, libraries have books and DVDs available for use at home.

Add a yoga sequence 2-3x/week that complements your training:

1. Create strong yet supple muscles that support your joints for maximum mobility

2. Develop an awareness of which muscles are needed for a movement vs which aren’t, so you can focus all of your energy into realizing your goal.

Karen Whittier, RYT and Chief Activist, Embrace Activism

How has Yoga as a cross training exercise helped you during your distance training?

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