Top 5 Tips for Mental Preparation

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post-runDuring distance training it is a challenge to maintain focus on the task at hand, taking one run at a time.  It is easy to get caught up in the worry and stress of the many, many miles we need to run between now and the finish line.  Mental preparation for a distance race is just as important as the physical preparation.

Learn the top 5 mental preparation tips for race day and throughout your distance training:



Keep It Simple

Break the half-marathon into a journy of thousands of steps. Take each step as you would a leisurely walk through a park. Don’t worry about the totality of the race but be in the moment and enjoy each step

Positive Affirmations

Give yourself positive affirmations. Alow your mind to wander. If negative ideas enter your mind, refocus on peaceful, happy thoughts or just concentrate on your breathing.

Paul Scheatzle, Bailey Rehabilitation

Stick to Your Plan

Goal inflation often happens the hours and days prior to a race. Stick to your trained pace and race plan. Nothing new.

Let Distractions Go

Learning to let hardships go is essential to racing well. Let go your night of poor sleep, the fellow racer who accidentally cut you off at the start, your water cup that spilled down your shirt.


Months and days before your race, and even during is useful- picture in your mind your desired outcome. Play the scene like a movie- what do you hear, see, smell, feel. Vizualize finishing your race strong and steady!

Nicole Clancy, Editor, Health Your Way Online


What steps do you take before and during your distance training for mental preparation?

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