Why Is Strength Training Important for Runners?

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When I started running on a regular basis it didn’t take long to discover that my body wasn’t strong enough to support the miles I was logging every week.  I was experiencing aches and pains in my hips and back that were interfering with my training.

Following are the top three reasons why you should include strength training exercises in your distance training plan.

1.  Run More Efficiently

Strength training can help you run faster and longer.  Increasing your leg strength will help with your endurance, and obviously the more endurance you posses, the longer you can run.

2.  Be Less Injury Prone

Strengthening the muscles around your hips and knees will increase your joint stability.  The repetitive motion of running can often cause problems for runners. Strength training exercises for your legs, back and core will strengthen your muscles, protecting your joints and improving performance.

3.  Maintain and Increase Bone Mass

As we age, our bones tend to lose mass and weaken unless we put them to good use.  Weight bearing exercises are the best form of training to keep your bones healthy and strong.


Currently, I incorporate two days of strength training into my training program. How often do you include strength training in your plan?

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